Change of scope

In almost every project I know of, it's been necessary to change the scope during the production phase. And for most projects, it means narrowing down the scope.

This is also true for Cowboy Chronicles chapter 2. As I've been working on this title for more than a year now, I have come to the conclusion that I need to narrow the scope in order to finally finnish the game.

  • Language support Originially I thought of including language support - and first and foremost Spanish. This game also contains so many puns, that it would be hard to translate them, and still maintain the jokes.

  • In app purchase I thought of ways how the players who enjoyed the game could contribute more, if they wanted - and get instant rewards for that.

  • Story As always the story contained more elements than I could add in the game.

  • Hint system I thought about adding a hint system, but have realised that it would be way to time consuming.

It's always possible to add this at a later point, but based on previous experience, I doubt that I would go back and add these features later.


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