Since we first started working on Cowboy Chronicles chapter 2 the art has always looked very good! But the process has taken more than a year, and in that time our artist has improved a lot.

Getting closer to alpha-release we got some tips and pointers on art from two of our skilled, inhouse artists. The tips were both technical and general tips.

We also got a lot of input from the highly skilled Helene Roberts took a thorough look at the art. She is an excelent concept artist, and the professional advice that she gave us has been very valuable.

Here's a "before-and-after"-schot of an ourdoor scene that will appear in the game.


Among all the things that Elisabeth has done, her are a couple of important changes:

Creating depth

  • Adjusted higher contrast for objects that are closer to the "camera", and lower contrast for objects further away.

  • Adjusted colours so that closer objects have darker colour, and objects further away got lighter colours.

Focus points

In order to make the player focus on the important details Elisabeth has

* Paid more attention to shapes - not details, resulting in a less complex background.

* Used of warmer colours, for focus areas, and colder colours for areas that you want less attention on.

* More focus on the characters - making the characters 'pop', instead of bleding in with the background.

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