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Game Developers Guild (Spillmakerlauget) were present at GameLab 2014 Ole Helland, Tom Jøran Sønstebyseter Rønning, Natascha Röösli, Bjarte Hansen, Bjarne Rene, André Lincoln Read, Erlend Sogge Heggen, Mattis Delerud

A couple of the atendees from the Norwegian delegation were interviewed by EEA Grants while we attended GameLab - quotes from the interview is available here:

This happened to be my first interview ever, and I am satisfied by the fact that this is my first quote:

"Success is a mix of expertise, hard work, luck, marketing and timing, the key is not to be the first, but to do something better than others at the right time”.

- Tom Jøran Sønstebyseter Rønning

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