Gamelab 2014: Neil McFarland's talk

Neil McFarland's (Director of games at Ustwo - creators of "Monument Valley") talk was without a doubt the best talk that I listened to during GameLab 2014.

(After I got back home I realised that I missed the talk by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer), which turned out to be a great talk!).

McFarland had so many interesting and important things to share about their game development process.

They had a philosophy on how to create their games:

  • To never compromise on quality

  • Trust in self management

  • Focus on community interaction

I would say this is fairly good advice in order to create great games.

Some really imporant points that they discovered during user testing

  • Everyone [touches] differently

  • Users focus on a small area, even on iPad

  • One idea at a time

  • Architecture puzzles > Abstract puzzles

  • Secrets are distracting

  • People get fatigued

By watching and listening to his talk you can learn so much from why these points are crucial to thing about early on when developing a game.

I found this quote to be something that I will incorporate into my own games:

"Respect the players time"

Another great quote was this one:

"If trusted and talented truly believe in an idea don't change the goal because some parts of the internet said you're going to fail."

I cannot stress the importance of this quote enough.

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