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After what I considered a (very mild) success in regards to the release of the proof concept game that was called "Cowboy Chronicles" I decided that I wanted to make chapter 2.

What the fans requested after playing the first chapter:



Voice over


Less walking

More challenging

I want to implement as much as possible of these features

My own requests:

I want the universe to be set in a different city

I want to improve the art

My own technical requests:

I love the parallaxing effect, so I want to implement that

I want to use layers and displaygroups in a very logical way

I want to implement a "retro-mode"

I would to create a universe that would be fun to explore and interact with, and in general make the game a fun, uplifting and joyful experience.


I want the game to be free to play - I want to make the game so that you can complete the game without having to pay a dime.

Though I hope that the players would like support me as a developer, so that I can make more adventure games in the future.

Continuing to make games without funding will be close to impossible for me.

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