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Dass: Den Haandholdte Troldmann 

Working Mill presents "Dass: Den Haandholdte Troldmann", a game now released for Android and Apple as a promotional piece for an upcoming Graphic Novel that is being released 06.06.16.


In this game, you control the legendary Black Book priest as he travels from Alstahaug to København – On the back of the devil himself while you punch the devil out of the Norwegian heathens. 


The game is based on the artwork of the graphic novel done by John S. Jamtli and Vegard A. Skogmo, while the music is by Raymond Enoksen - AKA Dreamscores. 

Read more about Peter Dass and the Graphic Novel here:



Download here:

Cowboy Chronicles Chapter 2

Cowboy Chronicles Chapter 2” is the long awaited sequel to the 2012 hit “Cowboy Chronicles”, which has been downloaded a combined 30.000 times on iTunes and Google Play.  The game continues the adventures of County Sheriff Ray Mandibula and Moonshine, daughter of the Native American Chief.

“Cowboy Chronicles Chapter 2” is a point and click adventure game, and a throwback to classic SCUMM based games by LucasArts such as “Monkey Island”, “Day of the Tentacle”, “Grim Fandango”, “Full Throttle”, “Sam & Max” and “Indiana Jones”.

The game is directed and programmed by Tom Jøran S. Rønning, and features original artwork by Elisabeth Aarebrot Madsen (aka Emeraldus), and an original score by Raymond Enoksen from Dreamscores.

Download here:

Global Recession

In “Global Recession” you are an average guy living an average life, who has to fight for your future prospects because of the global recession. The finance crisis is only getting worse, and the bankers and investors are affected too, causing many to take drastic measures. Travel the world and collect the coins from the jumping brokers, but avoid being hit!


“Global Recession” addresses the ongoing collapse in economic growth worldwide with one touch gameplay, and draws inspiration from classic board and puzzle games.  The art replicates backdrops from financial institutions in USA, Mexico, Brazil, Greece, Spain, The United Kingdom, Australia, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates.

“Global Recession” was featured at SpillExpo, Norway largest gaming convention, where it was lauded for its sarcastic and morbid take on the dark subject matter.

Download here:

Download here:


“Ionscape” is set in a futuristic neon tech environment and is a fast paced sideroller for your mobile and tablets. The game features highly addictive one touch gameplay, and your objective is to collect the coins while avoiding the walls.

Puffy Blowfish

A visually pleasing and entertaining underwater adventure where you must help a puffy blowfish navigate through submerged obstacles.

Puffy Blowfish features one-touch gameplay. When you touch the screen, the blowfish will momentarily puff up some more and ascend. If left alone, it sinks to the bottom.

Smooth and serene graphics compliment the fun and challenge of the game.


Whats your score?

Download here:

Manga Chronicles: Dream's End

A fun and entertaining manga adventure game where you control the main character Will, who is on a quest to restore justice to the mythical land of Dream’s End.

Working Mill is proud to present “Dream’s End”, the first chapter of the Manga Chronicles.

The art and narrative of Dream’s End is inspired by modern manga, while it’s retro gameplay is a throwback to the classic point and click adventure games by Lucas Arts such as «Monkey Island», «Sam & Max» and «Indiana Jones».

Download here:

Fruit Mill

This is a fun and colorful match 3 game aimed at younger players. Match the different fruits in a hexagon pattern and see them spin away while new fruit drops down! As you progress and get more points, new types of fruits will turn up making it harder to create matches.

- Fun and relaxing gameplay
- 11 different Colorful fruits
- Highscore list
- Music and sound fx

Download here:

Cowboy Chronicles: Chapter 1

Cowboy Chronicles is a throwback to the classic point-and-click adventure games like "Monkey island", "Day of the Tentacle", "Sam & Max" and "Indiana Jones".



Being a passion project for its programmer, the game has been developed over the course of a year, without any funding.
As such the current version of the game should be considered as a "proof of concept" rather than a finished product.

Download here:

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